Our Coaching System is…

Proven – Whether corporate businessmen, entrepreneurs, or any other walk of life, we all face many of the same challenges in our lives. Whether it’s a desire to gain more happiness, feel a greater sense of fulfillment, to serve or to just impact others in a greater way – the struggle is similar in us all. Many clients of all walks of life have turned to Jimmy Leo through the years for guidance in these very areas, which caused the creation of Outstanding Outcomes.  

Transformative – Outstanding Outcomes will design a course of action to move you to your desired outcomes. Specific assignments and tasks will be given for the purpose of assisting you in getting your life out of “auto pilot” and understanding what makes you tick, what drives you, and an adjusted mindset that will place a greater level of happiness in your life.

Valuable – Outstanding Outcomes will review the 16 points of wealth with you, from professional to financial to relational and all points in between. We will then identify your current focus, which are the most important, and identify the forms of wealth most important specifically to you. 

Personalized – Besides identifying the many different forms of wealth with you, Outstanding Outcomes will take the time to better understand YOU – your goals, priorities, and vision – and determine which points of wealth require a greater or lesser focus SPECIFICALLY based on your previous experiences, current achievements, and future desires.

What Others Are Saying...

Here are a few videos from a few of our students.